About Us

Gold Portal ( www. Portal.Gold ) and Jewelry Portal ( www. Portal.Jewelry ) are among the many exclusive portals that is presented to the gold and jewelry industry enthusiasts. All rights of this website are reserved to Najm Energy Co and Najm Asia Co, the company owner of Commercial Formalities of Iran ( www.IranCIP.ir ) .

The Gold and Jewelry Portal is a not-for-profit, member-based industry association governed by a Board of Directors. We represent the interests of gold producers, explorers, prospectors and service providers to collectively champion and promote the importance of the gold sector in Iran.

Another unique and yet critical aspect of Gold Portal is the database associated with this website which contains a listing of stolen and recovered jewelry reported. Law enforcement personnel can submit for listing any recovered or stolen merchandise. Jewelers or members of the public can submit to us a list of stolen jewelry as long as they have filed a police report, and inform law enforcement agency with which the report was filed including the date and the incident number.

This service is only present for Gold and Jewelry trade units and the usual applicants can do so only if they have a police file confirmation according to the matter.

It is clear and important to note that all these services will have a great impact on the work of industry leaders and Gold members of the unit, only if this portal is able to communicate fully with the industry representatives. The time requiring the progress is a lot but Let’s make it better with great support and cooperation.