Selling Panthere de Cartier

Arash Naghdi  2/3/2018
Selling Panthere de Cartier
Described as fierce, playful and loveable, Panthere de Cartier is one of the brand’s defining collections. Inspired by panthers, this collection consists of jewelry incorporating the animal as well as luxury watches. As you prepare to sell your Panthere de Cartier jewelry or watches you might be asking yourself: What is my Panthere de Cartier worth? Where can I safely sell my Panthere de Cartier? Keep reading to learn your selling options and where to get the most competitive offer for your Panthere de Cartier.

In 1914, Louis Cartier commissioned a painting of a women draped in a long necklace with a panther at her feet. Cartier loved the painting so much that he used it in advertisements and it soon became the symbol of Cartier. Later that year, the first Panthere piece was produced, a watch crafted with onyx and diamonds to create the spotted appearance of a panther. In 1935, designer Jeanne Toussaint created the first panther inspired jewelry which was a ring adorned with a panther’s head.

To celebrate the Panthere’s 100th anniversary in 2014, Cartier introduced a new line of Panthere jewelry consisting of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Select pieces incorporated gemstones, such as the series’ signature emeralds for the panther’s eyes.  The Panthere watch collection was reintroduced in 2017 with multiple variations. These watches were praised for their sleek designs including its square case with curved edges, eight piece screw down bezel, steel link bracelet and concealed clasp.

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