Choosing the Right Company for Recycled Diamonds

Arash Naghdi  2/4/2018
Choosing the Right Company for Recycled Diamonds
Diamond is Forever” so much in fact, that we can’t outlive them. These stunning stones have now created an investment opportunity for companies to introduce them back into the jewellery market.

What are recycled diamonds?

Diamond recycling has been is growing in popularity, but what does it actually involve? As a mined diamond will last forever why not introduce it back into the market? This is exactly what diamond recycling is. Recycling a diamond can drive down the overall cost of the jewellery item. The diamond has already been cut, polished and ready for setting and in some cases just requires a little cleaning.


Diamond market share.

The value of a diamond has stayed fairly static iover the last thirty years, however they can see a spike in price now and then. Historically The De Beers Group of Companies, which has a leading role in the diamond exploration, diamond mining, diamond retail, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors, has maintained control over the diamond industry, keeping prices high and setting am inherent value. In the 1980s, DeBeers had 80% of the market share, in 2000 it had 65%, and in 2005 it had dropped to 43%. De Beers does not have a stronghold in Russia, Australia and Canada which has affected their overall market share.
Recycled diamond market share.

An estimated five percent of the market share for recycled diamonds stands for 2014-15 but overall shares in this market is continuing to grow despite the recovery of the American and European economy. It has been speculated that the value of the market could be as high as $1 Trillion US dollars. (source)
Demand & Extraction

The price of diamond jewellery is increasing due to the expensive manufacturing processes. While technology makes it easier to find resources, demand makes extraction on resources become more expensive. Overall a higher demands on products will force a price increase to the purchaser.

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