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Kasbi units

Kasbi units

Introducing Kasbi units jewelry, galleries and shops

Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store

Introducing the best brands of jewelry stores across the country

Silver shop

Silver shop

Introducing the best brands in silver and silver stores across the country

Global Brands jewelry

Global Brands jewelry

Introducing the best brands of jewelry in the world


Price at the Moment

As rates Live Price
Gold 17 K 1.313
Gold 18 K 1،132،550
Gold 24 K 1،509،720
Imam coin 11،130،000
Bahar Azadi coin 11،130،000
Half coins 5،610،000
Quarter coins 2،910،000
Oz Gold 1344،10
Oz Silver 19،39
Oz Platinum 1118
Oz Palladium 731


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The gold standard is a monetary system where a country's currency or paper money has a value directly linked to gold. With the gold standard, countries agreed to convert paper money into a fixed amount of gold.

Southgold Ltd. Southgold Ltd is a medium size, family run construction company. As a family company we bring many core family values to our working life.


Gold Portal, with a distinctive ground and an exclusive domain, hopes to become an online property for the Gold Industry enthusiasts along with exotic brands, to further improve and nurture the relationship platform between the industry producers, stores and customers. It simply takes a few clicks to investigate the diverse products and purchase them easily. It is also possible for our customers to view and receive their purchase documents both online and in person right to their address. A great advantage of Gold Portal is the capacity to report the stolen and missing jewelry by letting know the board of directors of the item code. In case of B2B and B2C related field association, different E-Commerce branches will be available and the gold and jewelry market will join the rest of the world leading gold industry brands along with Jewelry.Portal and Gold.Portal.